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We are eager to work with and promote experts who want to share their amazing products, services and knowledge with like-minded customers and enthusiasts. Whether you run a spa or cafe, are selling health products or want to share your therapy services, we have a place for you in our tribe! It’s our belief that by connecting local businesses and entrepreneurs to our global community, we can make health and wellness options more accessible to everyone.

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Our goal is to put wellness experts just like you on the map so you are able to share the amazing products, services and knowledge that you have put your heart and soul into. Through this, we can build more supportive, flourishing and engaging communities everywhere.

Your expertise and dedication to the products and services you offer are the catalysts to building connections between individuals and their cities, enabling them to support local brands that truly want to make a difference.  

After all, your experiences have inspired you to create from the heart, allowing connections to flow between you and those who are eager to heal and thrive.

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