As I just moved back to Paris, here’s my list of must-try healthy cafés

Right now, I am in Paris. This is where I grew up, where I have always  found “home”, and where, based on what’s been going on in the world since 2020 … I haven’t been able to travel to for more than 2 years!
And life being as unpredictable as it can be, at the end of February 2022, I flew back to Paris, away from Hong Kong. I simply didn’t feel safe there, nor felt excited to live. Sounds dramatic, I know! Especially for such a vibrant and inspiring city as Hong Kong normally is. But this is not a political post, and as global news travel fast, wherever you are, you probably have an idea of how life has been challenging over there lately… 

And all I can say is how lucky we are to have the choice. To have the freedom to pack and go. And that is what we did. So, as I type this from our Parisian home, I feel alive, lucky and excited about life again!

So now, how do I approach a healthy lifestyle in Paris? 

This first post for myhealthycities.com/paris is going to be a listing of my go-to’s or rather must-go-to places I want to explore while living temporary here.
If you have been following us for a little while, you know that MHC is not a personal blog, but a mission to care & share about what we feel is inspiring us to live our best lives! 

We will simply write, tag and post what we encounter to be worthy to us.

(Featured on this image: Judy, Wild and the Moon, L’abattoir vegetal, Jah Jah, Causses et Vivant kombucha, PH7 equilibre, Rose Bakery, Sloe Paris, The Cure, Love Juice bar, Umami Matcha cafe)


This is a start-up list! I think it would be impossible to list ALL the places we’ll love in Paris but this is to get in the mood…
I am going by district (arrondissement):

Healthy food, cafés & Restaurants 

Adam et Eve Cafe, 100% made in France products on the menu, Paris 1er
La guingette d’Angèle, healthy, organic and gluten-free take-out, Paris 1er
Maisie Café, Paris 1er
Charli’s crew, paleo, keto, vegan, GF, Paris 2e
Cloud Cake, Vegan croissants & more, Paris 2e
Juicerie, vitaminated lunch and cold-pressed juices, Paris 2e
Noglu, Paris 2e
Café Pinson, Veggie café, Paris 3e
Health Inside, healthy & detox menu, Paris 3e
Kitchen, Paris 3e
L’avocatier, for avo lovers! Paris 3e
Season, Paris 3e
Umami Matcha Café, Paris 3e
Good Organic Only, menus by famous nutrition expert, Paris 4e
Le Potager du Marais, vegan spot in Le Village Saint-Paul, Paris 4e
Green Deli, Paris 5e
Strada, Fresh & Seasonal produce café,  Paris 3e & Paris 5e Abattoir végétal, Paris 6e
Judy, qualitarian canteen & market, Paris 6e
Love Juice bar, Paris 7e
Biosphère Café, lactose and gluten free cafe, Paris 8e
Causses, Paris 9e
Le Potager de Charlotte, Paris 9e
PH7 Equilibre, Paris 9e
Rose Bakery, British healthy food with a Parisian twist!,  Paris 9e
Sloe ,healthy food, cosmetics and fitness, Paris 9e
Supernature, Paris 9e
The Cure, Eat according to your mood, Paris 9e
Ahipoké, Paris 10e
Jah Jah, Vegan & vegetarian canteen, Paris 10e
Helmut Newcake, Gluten-free vegan pastries, Paris 10e
Le Bichat, balanced meal in self-service, Paris 10e
Le Veganovore, veg. Canteen “cantine végétale”, Paris 10e
Ma Kitchen, Paris 10e
Republique of coffee, Paris 10e
Sol Semilla, colorful & tasty vegan dishes, Paris 10e
Chambelland, Gluten free bakery, Paris 11e
Paperboy, Veggie bowls & brunches, Paris 11e
Sweet Rawmance, veg. cuisine, raw & sugar-free cakes, Paris 14e
La recyclerie, urban farm, sustainable canteen, Paris 18e
Hobbes, healthy spot in Buttes-Chaumont, Paris 19e
Nous, several locations
Nanashi, parisian bentos, several locations
So Nat, veg, seasonal and organic canteen, several locations
Wild & the moon, 100% plant based, organic and gluten free cafe,  several locations

Is your favorite Parisian café missing from that list?
Let’s fix that! Tag us on social media (FB/IG) @myhealthycities to show us where it’s at.


Coming up next …

Beauty Salons, Massages & Spas in Paris

Conscious Living Stores in Paris 

Energy Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Fitness and Pilates in Paris 

And more 🙂

If you love to explore the healthy side of Paris and want to write about it with us, contact us!




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