From Bangkok to London: embracing transitions with Nandini Sehgal

Nandini Sehgal, Dini as we call her, is one woman I am sure thanking life for putting on my path – or putting me on hers, depends from where you look at it!
Introduced to me by mutual friends in the wellness world in Bangkok, I immediately responded to her magnetic and solar energy. She first joined My Healthy Cities as an expert on our directory, and she soon embodied the role of “city manager” for our Bangkok edition.
Today, I want to salute her for the woman that she is, the role of ambassador that she carries so well, and for the light and inspiration she continuously brings to our wellness community.
Also, I want to wish her all the best in this new chapter of her life, as she is just moving to live her newly wedded life in London!

As I am sure that her experience will inspire others to embrace transitions, and navigate life gracefully, wherever it takes you, here is a very recent interview of her.



1. For those who don’t know you yet, please tell us a bit about your background and what wellness means to you. 

I was born and raised in BKK, Thailand; Indian in ethnicity and pride but always consider myself a Thai at heart. Wellness was never really a part of my life growing up, but I do remember my parents instilling a great sense of balance in my life. I was always allowed to try all kinds of food (healthy or not) but at the same time I was encouraged to find a sporty activity I enjoyed doing. I tried pretty much everything as a child; swimming, horse riding, volleyball, basketball, track & field. I enjoyed it and I enjoyed being active but I never really knew the purpose behind it. Wellness was a term I never really ever heard of until a few years ago. The word wellness to me is a combination of what I grew up with (living a balanced life) and what I’ve experienced now as an adult (healthy looks different for everyone). Wellness is such a personal thing and it takes going on your own personal journey to find out what it means for you.


2. You have been a very active wellness “ambassador” in the city of Bangkok. From teaching cycling classes to leading meditation and more.
For our readers in Bangkok who might be thinking right now “I have seen her somewhere…!” Can you remind us, what you were doing in Bangkok?

I “was” teaching rhythm cycling & Pilates reformer at Absolute You. Or you might have seen me at any of the local health & wellness fairs.


3. Now that you are moving to a new chapter, tell us what each of these experiences have taught you?
Is there any of those that, in retrospect, you would have done differently? Why / why not? 

It’s crazy to me when I think about it now, the fact that I’m moving to London a place that is so far ahead in the wellness space compared to Thailand. When I first ventured into wellness here in BKK,  a lot of people didn’t really understand it. They thought I was doing it for aesthetic purposes or to lose weight. Losing weight was just a bonus for me, it was never the reason. It took a lot of education to explain what I’m doing. I experienced a lot of self doubt as I embarked on my wellness journey, sometimes it just seemed easier to stick to the corporate job route. But in retrospect, I don’t regret my life choices at all now. My choices have paved the way for me to take my wellness practice to London. And I’m sure I’ll find my niche there, where it will require very little education to convince.

4. What are the places in Bangkok you will miss the most? 

Absolute You (@absoluteyouthailand @absolutecyclethailand)

My gym!! Iron Hive and my trainer there Edana Keijdener (@edanafitness)

The Banana Warrior Café (@the.banana.warrior.cafe)

The best matcha! @fukumatcha @7evensuns

The best açaí bowls @makai_acai_bar
And their pumpkin power bread is AMAZING, I literally eat it once a week!

The best (& cheapest) massages, most recently I discovered Infinity Wellbeing, @infinity.wellbeing and love all the treatments they do there. the venue itself is also very beautiful. 

5. You are now moving to London. How do you feel about your move?
Are there any places you already have listed as your “must try”? 

I used to live in the UK when I did my masters studies. I wasn’t living in the city of London but I would visit every chance I got. I’m excited to discover the wellness industry there, to meet like-minded individuals and find my own little community. Of course I’m going to miss home as this will be the first time I move, permanently. I’ve lived abroad but it was always temporary, BKK was always my home that I came back to. But now for the foreseeable future, London will be my home.

Of course my must-try places are food & fitness related haha. I have created a folder on my Instagram of all the places I want to visit in london once I move.

These are a few of them:

Rumble: https://www.rumble-gym.com/ 

Aire Ancient Baths: https://beaire.com/en/aire-ancient-baths-london  


6. Moving to a new place can feel scary and exciting at the same time. As someone who has a very positive mindset (it seems to us!), what are some advice you could share with readers going through a similar big change in their lives? What are advices you are actually following yourself right now?  

Whenever I go through a change in my life, big or small, I always remind myself of something I heard a few years ago: “nothing is permanent in life, the only thing permanent in life is change.” But the truth is, as humans we don’t like change. We find our comfort zone and we like to stay there. The body’s immediate response to change is panic, uncontrollable emotions, rise in blood pressure, sweating; to name a few. And you know as well as I do, that the only way to improve is to get uncomfortable and almost force yourself to embrace the change.



7. Can you re-assure our readers who love you as our BKK Manager, that you will still be part of our dream team at MHC? 🙂
What do you love about MHC? 

I’m just getting started at MHC! BKK will forever be my home and even though I won’t be living in the city anymore, you best believe I will still be updated with all the latest health & wellness spots. I’m excited to have you all join me on my journey as I discover London through the MHC lens.

What I love about MHC is that when I was on my personal wellness journey, I felt totally alone. I didn’t know where to go, who to speak to and it was really tough trying to figure it all out. MHC is something that I needed at the time I started my journey. For someone whose just starting out in wellness or if you’re someone whose looking for a refresh and looking for new connections, MHC is the place for you. Think of us as your wellness experts and friends giving you only the best recommendations.


(Again, congratulations!) 


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