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Our Story,

It is The Banana Warrior’s mission to create food that ignites the pleasure of eating in its most simple, natural and beautiful form.

All of our food is vegan and made with whole food, high quality, ethically sourced, fair trade ingredients. Each dish has been carefully designed with health as the forefront inspiration as well as a strong emphasis on satisfying your tastebuds.

We believe that health goes far beyond the food you are consuming. True health comes from nourishing the connection between the mind, body and spirit. It is our aim to provide food, words, love and tools that encourage our friends and customers to connect to their bodies and the eating experience to fully engage with the joy and beauty of our food.

We are a team of passionate, strong people that strive to create fire in the kitchen, contribute innovation to the plant-based world and make important shifts to empower ourselves, each other and everyone who encounters us.

May you leave here feeling nourished, loved, satisfied and filled with a little more light.


The Banana Warrior Team. x

The Banana Warrior Café, 4th Floor, Helix Building (Building A),The EmQuartier, 693, 695 Sukhumvit Road, Wattana,Bangkok,Bangkok,10110,Thailand

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