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Cultivating Self-Love and Confidence: #SunriseGatherings with Wellness Brand Owner Teodora Lazarova

Cultivating Self-Love and Confidence: #SunriseGatherings with Wellness Brand Owner Teodora Lazarova

In today’s sunrise gathering, I met up with Teodora Lazarova, the owner of a beautiful wellness brand we love here at MHC: La Thea Cosmetics. Teodora shared her experiences with self-love, confidence, and the impact of her past as a model on her current mindset. From facing judgment in the fashion industry to finding inner strength and self-acceptance, she opens up about the importance of self-love in her personal and professional life.

1. The Early Years and her experience as a model 

Growing up in Bulgaria, Teodora recalls struggling with confidence and self-expression from a young age.
Despite working as a model and traveling the world, spending time in the most sought after cities, such as Milan and Paris, Teodora was going through a lot of ups and downs. 

These experiences, while providing opportunities to meet renowned designers (she mentioned especially for someone coming from a small town where there is not even a metro line, that was quite a jump!), also led to moments of self-doubt and insecurity.

Sometimes, she felt great about herself, doing all these amazing fashion shows and shoots. At the same time, she had to face multiple castings and experience rejection and criticism. These constant ups and downs created a lot of insecurity, doubts, and ultimately, a lack of confidence. That’s when Teodora realized the need for personal growth and spirituality to find herself and build her confidence.

Teodora, in one of her travels

2. Teodora’s journey to self-love

After a quick stint as a bag designer, Teodora realized that if her brand didn’t encounter the success she desired, it was mostly coming from a lack of self-confidence and trust.
She then decided to pursue a new path… driven by her desire to live in Asia and explore different well-being practices. Through self-reflection and personal growth, she discovered the transformative power of self-love.
She attended multiple retreats and personal development courses, knowing there was something there for her to explore.
Embracing her “flaws and imperfections”, Teodora learned to value herself beyond external validation.  

3. The importance of self-love in business

Teodora Lazarova, founder of La Thea

As mentioned earlier, while the fashion industry offered glamorous opportunities, it also exposed Teodora to the harsh realities of being judged solely on physical appearance… Despite facing challenges and setbacks, she found strength in resilience and perseverance. Each difficulty became a valuable lesson, shaping her mindset and approach to life.
The Teodora of today, when facing a difficult situation, is able to quickly ask herself “what is this situation here for? How can I work it out?” And that mindset, she develops in her every day life. 
Today, as a wellness brand owner, she emphasizes the significance of self-love in building a successful business.
By prioritizing self-care and self-acceptance, she has cultivated a strong sense of worth and purpose. Through her brand, La Thea, she aims to inspire others to embrace self-love as a foundation for overall well-being, using her own experience as a guide to lead with her heart, and compassion.

4. Let’s focus a bit on the Rose Damascena, the main component in La Thea’s products, and “The Queen of the roses” 

The Rose Damascena has a very high frequency of vibration, around 340 MHz, making it the queen of roses in Bulgaria due to the favorable climate for the flower’s growth. The soil in Bulgaria is mineral-rich, and the air is extremely clean, contributing to the rose’s high vibrational energy. This high vibration is believed to have a positive impact on emotional well-being and self-love when using products containing rose damascena.

Therefore, the Rose regeneration serum and the Rose water, are not only fantastic for cosmetic purposes and benefits (such as their high anti-oxidants content) but also for emotional well-being which can help bring strength, courage, and confidence. A very holistic approach! 

La Thea regeneration serum

5. Hypnotherapy, and The power of manifestation

We discussed Teodora’s experience studying psychology and completing a hypnotherapy course (with Sonia Samtani), which has influenced her business practices and personal growth. The way she explained hypnotherapy, involves accessing the conscious mind to address past issues and negative impacts on one’s life. By delving into past experiences and cleaning stored energy, hypnotherapy can help individuals overcome fears, phobias, and negative beliefs. 

In addition, Teodora also is a believer of the importance of self-love and visualization in achieving goals. She mentions using her own products with high vibrational energy to manifest positive outcomes, such as having her products sold in prestigious locations like the Ritz-Carlton, or being featured in magazines such as Forbes and Tatler. 

6. The importance of gratitude and appreciation in relationships and life in general 

Teodora emphasized on the significance of being grateful for the simple things, like health and having a roof over one’s head.
She herself expresses gratitude towards others, and she shared that surrounding herself with like-minded people and having a very strong core network of people she loves and love her back has been fundamental for her,  both personally and professionally.
While self-love can can positively influence relationships, Teodora highlights the importance of self-acceptance and self-respect.
By recognizing and honoring her own worth, she has created healthier and more fulfilling connections with others.
She also shared about a ritual with her husband, whereby they share what they are grateful for, each night before bed, which brings harmony to their relationship. This practice serves as a reminder to appreciate the small things and not take them for granted! 

Teodora and her husband!

7. Teodora’s self love cards

Teodora has created a set of 21 cards with different affirmations that are meant to be used for 21 days to create positive thoughts and habits. Each day, a card is chosen with a different affirmation, such as “I choose to be confident” or “I choose to be beautiful.” The idea is to empower oneself with these words while doing daily routines like skincare, as the act of choosing to be confident or beautiful is seen as a proactive and powerful step towards self love and acceptance.
As a side note, at the moment, for any qualifying purchases of La Thea set: composed of one serum and one rose water, you will receive a free set of cards!

The Self Love Cards

This was a truly inspiring conversation I was glad to have with Teodora. It was a great reminder that in a world that often values external validation and perfection, cultivating self-love and confidence is a powerful act of self-care. Through her journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Teodora has found that true fulfillment comes from within.
By embracing self-love as a guiding principle, she continues to inspire others to prioritize their well-being and authenticity in all aspects of life.

Thank you Teodora!

To discover the magic of Rose Damascena and experience the transformative effects on your skin, read this article next. 

Joëlle & The MHC Team 

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