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May 09
When style becomes a catalyst for personal growth, confidence and well-being, ft. Lucy Hunt 

Here is to share with you the inspiring conversation I had with Lucy, making me realize how much style can be a catalyst for personal growth, confidence, and overall well-being.

Mar 26
Cultivating Self-Love and Confidence: #SunriseGatherings with Wellness Brand Owner Teodora Lazarova

Teodora is sharing her experiences with self-love, confidence, and the impact of her past as a model on her current mindset. From facing judgment in the fashion industry to finding inner strength and self-acceptance, she opens up about the importance of self-love in her personal and professional life.

Mar 20
The Beauty of Boundaries by Tamsyn Rippon

Boundaries help define who we are. They can signal to the world what we don’t want, but also what we do need in our lives. So although many think of boundaries  as a point of division, they can actually act as a point of connection. 

Mar 13
#SunriseGathering with Shiho, Moontrekker finisher

Today, I wanted to interview one of my stunning and inspiring friends, Shiho, to talk about her experience completing a 30 km night race called the Barclays MoonTrekker. Not only once, but it was her second time!

Mar 13
Discover the Beauty Secrets of La Thea’s Rose Water and Regeneration Serum

Have you ever felt you just needed a little boost throughout the day or something to add into your facial routine? La Thea’s Rose Water has been a go to for me since the founder Teodora started this side hustle turned business.

Feb 05
Our picks : February Highlights

Happy February Hong Kong friends! Yes we could go with special Valentine’s day highlights, but this year we’d rather focus on you. On your self-care, your self-love and stuff to please you! Whether you are in a relationship or not, there’s one person you’ll spend the rest of your year and life with, and that […]

Jan 30
My first blind “date” with a massage therapist!

My Healthy Cities is all about sharing our hidden gems and practitioners in a city that often only boasts big branded names and venues. I’m excited to share about my incredible blind date with a therapist at Bare Essentials. When I was first asked to meet Sunita, I was skeptical about getting a bodywork treatment at a place that offers waxing services as its primary service but I am certain now that you’ll love her bodywork services as much as the beauty services!  

Dec 18
From Sunspots to HPV : My Journey towards skin health

Dee Cheung shares her personal journey addressing HPV-related flat warts, detailing her laser treatment at Amber Health and an informative interview with plastic surgeon Dr. Richie Chan, emphasizing the importance of professional guidance and skincare in achieving healthier skin.

Nov 30
Health : Victor Bourdeau’s “Tao Osteopathy”

Treehouse stands tall as a beacon of whole plant-based dining. With their unprocessed, preservative-free, and nutrient-rich menu, this eco-conscious establishment is carving a unique niche that delights both the palate and the planet!

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