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My Healthy Cities was born from the inspiration to explore and share health and wellness within our communities.

Our goal is to make health & wellness accessible. We love to make sustainable and healthy options more easily discoverable and shed light on mindful brands and companies. We also believe in the power of eduction around health & wellness topics. Creating connections between experts and the public not only helps build communities centered around like-minded goals, but also plants the seeds necessary to foster the passion, creativity and courage needed to impact the world in our own ways.

After moving to Bangkok in 2016, founder Joëlle perceived it was challenging to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in such a large and overwhelming city. Driven to connect with a supportive tribe, she began to list her favorite go-to places as she explored the city, contacted health and wellness professionals, enrolled contributors and discovered opportunities to raise awareness around giving back to local, vulnerable communities. Bangkok was established as our pilot project for our global wellness directory, and we are continuing to expand organically, one city at a time (and soon adding Bangkok back on our site!). 

We aim to create an inspiring, heart-centered and empathic online space welcoming enthusiasts as well as professionals in the fields of health & wellness. We believe health is everything and we each have the power within to find healing.

We are here to create a movement that inspires others to truly know that healing, growth and wellness are within their reach. We love to share the healthier corners of our cities and encourage our readers to find their way towards wellness. 

We are driven by our dream for a healthier planet.

If you would like to receive more information about My Healthy Cities, you can request for our PDF presentation to be sent to you. 

raising awareness​

As environmentally-conscious beings, we are committed to making better choices in all areas of life.

Reducing waste and single-use plastic, stopping animal abuse in the tourism industry, helping underprivileged children and families, and supporting women empowerment in vulnerable communities are some causes near and dear to us.

We believe that “we can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet,” and our mission is to raise awareness around all aspects of sustainability and wellness. We support our peers and communities to learn, grow, feel good and do good. We invite you to join us on this mission! Get in touch with us to connect!

Who We Are​

Meet the team!

Joëlle, Founder

From Paris to Singapore, Dubai to Bangkok to Hong Kong, Joëlle has lived the “expat life” for the past 15 years. When she moved to Bangkok in 2016, she was eager to get to know the city, its culture and what it had to offer. She craved finding cafés, restaurants, spas, fitness centers, brands and companies that shared her interest in health and wellness, but found it difficult to do so in such a large and overwhelming city. This is when inspiration hit to start My Healthy Cities! She knew that other expats, travelers and locals were finding themselves in similar situations and it became her mission to build the necessary connections between the public, health and wellness experts and the cities they live in. Joëlle currently lives in Hong Kong with her family.

She is certified in Aromachology, and holds a business degree from ESSEC Business School in France. When she isn’t running My Healthy Cities with her inspired team, she provides consulting services focusing on the use of our senses through aromatherapy, breathing, reiki and the art of tea to foster emotional well-being and confidence.

Where can you find her?

Exploring Hong Kong with her husband and son, and/or sipping a cup of oolong tea 🙂

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dee moved to Hong Kong in 2006. She was immersed in the yoga and wellness community from day one and has never looked back. 

She works as an experienced insurance specialist at Alea with a focus on finding the best health and employee benefits solutions for businesses who care about their people and families. 

At the start of 2020, she walked into the hospital to find out she had to birth alone due to covid protocols. It sent her down the path of getting certified as a birth doula and working towards preparing women to have a good birth, no matter the circumstance. 

She has an entrepreneurial background in health and wellness, bringing fresh ideas to the Asia Pacific region like co-founding Float Co. the first float therapy center in Hong Kong and now in the Greater Bay Area and SUP Yoga, training through the Academy of Surf Instructors to certify safe stand up paddle board yoga classes. 

Dee is certified in yoga, SUP Yoga, baby massage, mindfulness meditation, and a DONA International birth doula, she brings the human side of doing business where work and play are one.


Where can you find her?

Somewhere outdoors with her two girls and husband and likely near a body of water!

Dee, Top contributor

Juliette - MHC Contributor

Juliette, Contributor

Born and raised in Paris, Juliette moved to Hong Kong in 2013 armed with a Master’s Degree in International Marketing to pursue a career in digital marketing. In 2020, she embarked on a personal growth journey after attending a transformative webinar.

She delved into the world of nutrition and fitness and realised their profound  impact on her long term well-being.
Empowered by her personal transformation she obtained a nutritional coach certification and left the corporate world to pursue her true calling: supporting others in taking control of their health and unlocking their full potential through nutrition. Also passionate about fitness and cooking, she is a well rounded coach who can provide her clients the knowledge and the skills to achieving their goals in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.

Where can you find her?

In addition to being listed as one of our MHC experts, Juliette is also one of our contributors, where she explores all things fitness and wellness in Hong Kong.

Our team of inspired contributors are passionate about living healthier and happier. 
They are on a mission to explore the healthy side of the world major cities, and share their experience authentically with our growing audience.

Our contributors are knowledgeable in the areas of fitness, nutrition, hospitality and more, and are dedicated to maintaining high standards when curating our content online.

Where can you find them?

Trying healthy cafés (old & new), holistic therapies, hiking, spinning, floating, ice bathing, and more. At time, they can get a little lost, but that means that later, you won’t have to. 

Our team of contributors

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