Where to sip some freshly pressed juices in Hong Kong?

Coming back from months of traveling out of Hong Kong, all I think of is how many benefits traveling brings to our lives. But there is one little downside for me, I have to confess and address: a digestive system a bit out of whack from all these environmental changes.
So, with that in mind, I remind myself to be patient and to give my body a little extra help when I feel the struggle. How so? With extra hydration, movement, a nutrient-dense diet, and… fresh juices too for those extra vitamins and happiness 🙂

Now, while going on a ‘juice detox’ might be too much for some and a real debate I keep for another piece of content… today, what I’d like to share is a list of “must-try” places in Hong Kong for fresh & healthy juices. Whether for a detox or simply, as an addition to a balanced diet. 


Nood Food

With several locations in Hong Kong, Nood Food partners with the renown Fitness & Yoga brand “Pure” for a perfect combo of healthy nutrition + movement. We love that it has various options from made-on-the spots suggestions you can order from the counter, and if you are in a hurry, you can always grab one of the bottles of fresh juices, made daily.
They have options of juices, smoothies, coconut water, as well as protein packed beverages for the gym goers. They are making a difference with their more sustainable juice boxes.

“Know what your body needs and craves” –  Nood Food 



Genie Juicery

We love that they have great options for vegetable-based juices (in addition to the fruit-based options)! We see Genie Juicery as the number 1 freshly-pressed juice provider in Hong Kong as it has been tested and approved by so many of our friends, with great service, and quality.  They offer raw, vegan, fresh, organic and living juices with possible free delivery to Hong Kong Island.
They have options for sipping juices casually… or for different levels of juice cleanses. Also, if you run a company and are interested in catering options, check their menu options online.

“Genie is a juice cleanse you do whilst living your everyday life” – Genie Juicery 

Image courtesy of Genie Juicery via Facebook 


Be Juiced 

Be Juiced tagline is about “good in, bad out” and that is pretty much the idea we have in mind at My Healthy Cities when we go for a succulent raw, cold-pressed juice.

“Good in, bad out” – Be Juiced 

Image courtesy of Be Juiced via Facebook 



12 Noon by Food Folk 

Promoting juices cleanses for their heath benefits such as: detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, boosting energy, supporting digestion, cleansing the liver and promoting healthy skin, Noon by Food Folk make raw juices, that contain zero preservatives.

Image courtesy of 12 Noon  via Facebook 


Cling Juicery 

Cling Juicery serves made-on-the-spots juices, and also, they have gone into the catering biz, with their bottle pressed juices. Therefore, they are a great compromise for fresh juices that can last a bit longer in time, thanks to their revised recipes and packaging. That way, you can proudly serve a healthy, natural beverages during your upcoming events, and that is a big win in our books!

Image courtesy of Cling Juicery via Facebook 



Le Jus 

Le Jus focusses on delivering great nutrition to us, Hong Kongers on the go! Located in Landmark, Le Jus counter is a great pit-stop if you are having a busy day yet still want to look after yourself and get the best ouf of a smoothie rich in fruit and vegetables. Who said you can’t be on to go AND healthy?

Image courtesy of Le Jus via https://www.landmark.hk/en/dine/le-jus  


Also… look out for your neighborhood juice bars

While we recognize loving juices coming from branded juiceries, sometimes, going for conveniency is key. So if you pass by a local fruit juice stall, get a closer look and if all looks fresh and clean, get yourself one fresh juice! Make sure it is made on the spot, as this is really key in terms of getting most of the nutrients.

Image from wikimedia commons 


Where do you get your juices and smoothies from? 🍹
Tag us on Instagram @myhealthyhongkong and @myhealthycities next time you explore the healthy side of Hong Kong.

– – –

Reach out if you’d like to share your experience, living your best healthy life in Hong Kong! 🇭🇰
If you are a venue or brand owner, a wellness expert or an NGO and your mission is to make people’s lives healthier, contact us 💚


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