Edana Keijdener

Personal Trainer & Pre and Post Natal Training Specialist
| *Online* 🌎| Bangkok – Thailand 🇹🇭
*Online* 🌎| Bangkok – Thailand 🇹🇭


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A women health specialist and avid believer in wholistic wellness and health. A NASM certified personal trainer and pre and post natal training specialist. My long term goal is to aid the movement in educating women on fitness and health. Providing a supportive and well versed program and facility to aid women in their journey. Working with people from all across the world, differing age groups as well as mothers who are preparing ,expecting or training post child birth.

“My personal journey started with a series of insecurities, unhealthy eating habits and an ill advised training regime. After realizing, healing and educating myself on how to properly support my body I made it my goal to help others experiencing similar issues. I want to educate and facilitate women in the journey towards their goals and aspirations.”

Your Wellness Tip
Recovery shares equal importance to training!
A Cause That Is Important To You
Changing the narrative of pregnancy and training!
A Mantra You Live By
Train the mind, as frequently as you train the body.

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