Bangkok’s Best Booch Brands

Kombucha is a fermented tea, made with only 4 simple ingredients – tea (black, green or white), sugar, water and most importantly SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Kombucha dates back 2000 years ago, where it first brewed in China then spread to Japan, Russia and eventually the entire world.

Kombucha, also known as Booch, has taken Bangkok by storm. With multiple brands out there, we assess Bangkok’s best booch brands.

1. Pure Luck

Definitely, the most sophisticated kombucha available in Bangkok – Pure Luck is not only well known in Thailand, but also in the United States. Pure Luck was established in New York in 2010 by Thai Brewers and truly are the pioneers of kombucha in Thailand. They have also been recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as one of the Top 5 best-tasting kombucha makers in America.

What makes Pure Luck amazing? Their kombucha only goes through a first fermentation, which means no added fruits, herbs or sugars, resulting in very low sugar but also less carbonation. Fermented in glass, clay, and oak for 21 days – the depth of flavor is instantly noticeable. Pure Luck is perfect for tea lovers!

Packaging: Glass bottles with wax seal! Eco-friendly and cute!
Pricing: Pricey! 125 baht for 120 ml. The most expensive kombucha in the market
Vegan: Yes! All their flavors are vegan.
Favorite Flavor: Raspberry Jam
Recommended for: Experienced kombucha drinkers and tea lovers


2. Three Goats Brewery

My personal favorite kombucha in Bangkok – Three Goats Brewery is a local kombucha brewery established in 2017. Flavored with 100% natural and real fruits, spices, herbs, this booch is full of complex flavors. Their kombucha is brewed for 3-4 weeks in steel containers and forced carbonated for a low sugar and very bubbly drink. Three Goats also implements beer-making techniques and includes hops in two of their flavors – 10,000 Miles Hops and Honey Lemon Hops.

Packaging: Beer Bottles with crown cap. Although eco-friendly, once a bottle is opened, you have to drink the booch all at one go!
Pricing: Well Priced! 120 baht for 240 ml
Vegan: Some! All their flavors with the exception of Honey Lemon Hops are vegan.
Favorite Flavor: 10,000 Miles Hops
Recommended for: Beer and soda drinkers who love carbonated drinks!


3. Kombucha Bangkok 

Kombucha Bangkok, established in 2014 by Cillia is a home-brewed kombucha brand. Kombucha Bangkok makes kombucha that has a light and subtle taste, making it perfect for beginners! Cillia, the founder of Kombucha Bangkok, does not only make kombucha, but also kombucha soap and traditionally brewed ginger ale, made with a ginger bug! For those looking to make their own kombucha at home, Kombucha Bangkok also sells a kombucha starter kit, ready with SCOBY and starter liquid.

Packaging: All their products are zero waste. They only use recycled paper and their packaging was created to be 100% biodegradable and compostable. Empty Glass Bottles can be returned and reused.
Pricing: Very Affordable! 100 baht for 300 ml and 290 baht for 1 liter!
Vegan: 100% Vegan friendly!
Favorite Flavor: Blueberry Kombucha
Recommended for: Booch Beginners and those who want to homebrew their own kombucha!


4. Bangkok Booch

Founded in 2020 during the pandemic, this newcomer is making a big splash in the kombucha scene in Bangkok. Utilizing only local and premium ingredients, Bangkok Booch serves premium craft kombucha in a playful manner. They are also the producers of Thailand’s first and only Kombucha sorbet – Booch Scoop.

Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging, using only glass bottles and aluminum caps. All their products come in cute reusable non-woven bags with their catchphrase, Booch Please! Similar to Kombucha Bangkok, they accept bottle returns and even offer a discount for future purchases when doing so.
Pricing: Well Priced! 95 baht for 180 ml or grab 6 bottles for 525 baht
Vegan: 100% Vegan friendly!
Favorite Flavor: Booch Bae
Recommended for: Unique flavor blends and the best guilt-free sorbet!


5. Le Kombucha

Established in 2014 by two Thai sisters, Le Kombucha is handcrafted and uses only local ingredients, sourced directly from farmers. Their booch is easy to drink and full of fruity flavors. Le Kombucha composts all their tea leaves and leftover fruits too!

Packaging: Semi eco-friendly packaging. Le Kombucha uses glass bottles but also plastic lids.
Pricing: Very Affordable! 89 baht for 250 ml
Vegan: 100% Vegan friendly!
Favorite Flavor: Passion fruit
Recommended for: Fruit lovers!



6. The Green Geek

Also established in 2014, The Green Geek has an organic food store located in Habito Mall, where you can sample all their flavors. The Green Geek by far has the biggest flavor selection of kombucha in Bangkok. They also make Jun, dubbed the champagne of kombucha that is made from green tea and honey rather than the tea and sugar. Green Geek kombucha is definitely on the sweeter side, making it very suitable for kombucha newcomers.

Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging, using only glass bottles and aluminum caps
Pricing: Very Affordable! 80 baht for 250 ml and 350 baht for 1L
Vegan: Some! All Juns are made with honey.
Favorite Flavor: Pure Ginger
Recommended for: Kombucha newcomers who prefer sweet notes to the traditionally vinegary taste of booch.



7. BT Ferments  

Preaching gut health, Bunny Turtle Ferments (BT Ferments) produces kombucha as well as water kefir, milk kefir and jun tea. Made with fresh and organic ingredients that provide healthy gut microbes and optimize gut health, you cannot go wrong with this brand. Their jun is hands down the best one in the city!

Packaging: Semi eco-friendly packaging. BT Ferments uses glass bottles but also plastic lids.
Pricing: Very Affordable! 99 baht for 250 ml
Vegan: Some! Jun is made with honey.
Favorite Flavor: Bangbucha – Original kombucha
Recommended for: For the kombucha traditionalist! BT Ferments does not add any fruits or herbs to their probiotic drinks.


Article written by My Healthy Cities, Bangkok Team 

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