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OUR Story

My Healthy Cities was born from the passion and inspiration to explore and share health and wellness within our communities. Our goal is to bring local, sustainable, healthy options created by talented and mindful brands and companies and make them inclusive, educational and, most importantly, accessible. Creating these connections between experts and the public not only helps build communities centered around like-minded goals, but also plants the seeds necessary to foster the passion, creativity and courage needed to change the world in our own ways.

After moving to Bangkok in 2016, founder Joelle discovered it challenging to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in such a large and overwhelming city. Driven to connect with a supportive tribe, she began to list her favorite go-to places as she explored the city, contacted health and wellness professionals, enrolled contributors and discovered opportunities to raise awareness around giving back to local, vulnerable communities.

Bangkok was established as our pilot project and we are continuing to expand organically, one city at a time.

We want to invite brands, companies and projects just like yours who navigate with one goal in mind: wellness. We aim to create an inspiring, heart-centered and empathic online space welcoming enthusiasts as well as professionals in the fields of health & wellness.

We believe health is everything and we each have the power within to find healing.

By looking inward, educating ourselves and trusting our intuition, the possibilities are limitless. Health means getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, so that we can shine as our brightest, most authentic selves.
My Healthy Cities is a brand (trademark pending) registered under the ownership of The Senses Consulting Ltd, a Hong Kong registered company. 


My Healthy Cities is first and foremost a passion project we believe in and our dream for a healthier planet. 

We want to create a movement that inspires others who share our vision to truly know that healing, growth and wellness are within their reach.

We love to share the healthier corners of our cities and encourage our readers to find their way towards wellness.

We truly take our time to build real connections and partner with health & wellness professionals, brands and venue owners that share our mission and vision. This includes partnerships in the fields of nutrition, conventional and holistic health, pre & post natal services, fitness and more.

We want to ensure we are partnering with those who understand and follow our vision and therefore, take our applicants through a thorough selection process. We promote quality over quality and traceability over marketing strategies so our readers know they are in the right place to begin or carry on their wellness journey. 

While we are offering advertising opportunities (made clear to all users,) our intention is to recommend and showcase experts, brands, venues and movements that we truly believe in.


Our goal is to put wellness experts who inspire us on the map so they are able to share the amazing products, services and knowledge that they have put their heart and soul into. Through this, we can build more supportive, flourishing and engaging communities everywhere. 

As a wellness expert, your dedication to the products and services you offer are the catalysts to building connections between individuals and their cities, enabling them to support local brands that truly want to make a difference.

After all, your experiences have inspired you to create from the heart, allowing connections to flow between you and those who are eager to heal and thrive.


While we are passionate about sharing our partner’s journeys and expertise within the world of health and wellness in order to make it more approachable and accessible, we also want to encourage our contributors and peers to do  the same. We provide an open dialogue, breaking down the barrier that challenges the vital need for more health and wellness options for us.

Share your experiences with us!

My Healthy Cities was designed to appeal to the expat community, tourists and locals interested in (re)discovering how their city could be the perfect place to start their wellness journey. Hand-picked products, cafés, restaurants, spas, fitness studios, practitioners and more, are being tried, tested and recommended by our growing community of contributors.  

Raising Awareness

As environmentally-conscious beings, we are committed to making better choices in all areas of life. 

Reducing waste and single-use plastic, stopping animal abuse in the tourism industry, helping underprivileged children and families, and supporting women empowerment in vulnerable communities are some causes near and dear to us.

We believe that “we can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet,” and our mission is to raise awareness around all aspects of sustainability and wellness. We support our peers and communities to learn, grow, feel good and do good.
We invite you to join us on this mission!

Reach out to discuss how you want to contribute. 📷 credit: Ploy Phutpheng “Lady into the light at dawn, Bangkok”  

Who We Are

Meet Joëlle, Founder

From Paris to Singapore, Dubai to Bangkok and Hong Kong back to Paris, Joelle has lived the expat life for the past 15 years. When she moved to Bangkok in 2016, she was eager to get to know the city, its culture and what it had to offer. She craved finding cafes, restaurants, spas, fitness centers, brands and companies that shared her interest in health and wellness, but found it difficult to do so in such a large and overwhelming city. This is when inspiration hit to start My Healthy Cities! She knew that other expats, travelers and locals were finding themselves in similar situations and it became her mission to build the necessary connections between the public, health and wellness experts and the cities they live in. She believes that healing, above all else, comes from understanding ourselves on a deeper level and having the courage to consciously choose a healthier, fuller and more enriched life. The challenges we face are meant to mold us into better versions of ourselves and empower us to find solutions that can heal our bodies and souls as well as the world at large.

Joelle aims to bring a fresh perspective to wellness by making it more attainable, have open and honest conversations and create a supportive community. Because health is a privilege that some people don’t have, she also strives to give back by bringing awareness to local organizations that need support.

Joelle currently lives in Hong Kong with her family. She is certified in Scientific Aromatherapy, Aromachology and holds a business degree from ESSEC Business School in France. When she isn’t running My Healthy Cities with her inspired team, she works on her sister project The Senses Company where she provides consulting services focusing on the use of our senses through Aromatherapy, reiki and tea to foster emotional well-being and confidence.

Where can you find her?
Exploring Hong Kong with her husband and son. 

Meet Christina, Marketing & Business Development Manager

Christina moved to Bangkok in 2019 from London with her husband to run her family resort, Koh Ngai Thanya Beach Resort. Christina is an advocate for sustainability so their mission was to change their resort to become aa eco-friendly as possible. Christina previously work at Net-a-Porter, and Harrods with over 10 years experience in luxury marketing, publishing and social media. In 2019, Christina started her own consultancy, DAY13 Agency based between London and Bangkok. Christina joined the team at the beginning of 2020 as a contributor and now leads our global marketing and business development.

Where can you find her?
Reading a good book on the beach. 

Meet Nandini Sehgal, Manager, Bangkok 📍

Dini has made it her passion to fully embrace and educate herself on the importance of holistic healing. “You can’t focus on just one thing and ignore the rest. Just like you can’t just eat healthy and never exercise. Healing is also so much more than just purely physical”. Dini is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and transformation specialist. She also teaches spin and Pilates reformer as well as meditation and life coaching. She has also been recently certified as an Ayurveda wellness practitioner. Oh, and on top of all of that, she has joined our growing MHC family in November 2021, as our Manager for Bangkok city.

Where can you find her?
Doing her very own motivational talk series on a spin bike